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I am the head teacher of this lovely school and have been at Bankside since 2003, when I first moved up from London to work in Leeds. I became the head teacher in January 2005, after Jenny Horton retired. I still meet with her every week; between us we have now ‘notched up’ over 25 years of school leadership at Bankside – what a privilege. Before I trained as a teacher I worked for 10 years in radio and TV, making religious programmes which was a great job; being a head teacher, however, is definitely the best job in the world (in my case the ‘Bankside best’ job in the world!) and the best part about it is the people I work with: the children and the adults. In my spare time I love reading, music, walking and travelling. I think it is hard to have favourite foods or colours – it depends on what mood you are in, but I do like sea colours – like blues and greens – and I love spicy food. If I had one wish it would be to have two more wishes (is that cheating?). What would your wish be?

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